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Angular vs. React vs. Vue – Let the Fight Start!

According to the IBM version, JavaScript ranks almost first among the languages to learn in 2017. It makes sense that the number of its frameworks and libraries has dramatically increased for the last couple of years, and choosing which to use among all the variety is done with much ado.

So, let’s imagine that you are a developer (which you probably are if you’re reading this) trying to make a choice. Suppose, you are a quite experienced specialist who has already answered the following questions in order to select some of the most suitable frameworks/libraries for your project:

(If not, then do it as soon as possible!)

● What skills does this framework require?

● Is this framework valid for your task?

● Is this framework flexible or hard to manage?

Without being prophets, we can foretell that your choice could fall on the library React and the frameworks Angular and VueJS.

Why? Due to their numerous advantages, recognized by the whole IT community. However, when it comes to choosing among these three, a true “holy war” is started. And it is up to you whose side to take. 

We just want to lend you a helping hand in this overwhelming task.


Angular is a JavaScript framework based on TypeScript. Such enterprises and projects as Google, Forbes, and weather.com use Angular. Angular is regarded a safe choice for big companies that usually work on complicated projects.

Why We Respect Angular

- Modularity;

- How we can use components with modules;

- How we can use dependency injection;

- There are many “pros” out of the box as a router, form validation, HttpClient, etc;

- The high level of control;

- Unlike React, Angular enables normal usage of HTML and CSS along with all their features and advantages.

What Irritates Us about Angular

- It can be a little bit uneasy for inexperienced developers to work with it, especially when they have not got a sufficient background in JavaScript;

-  Angular is rather fluid. Every new version differs greatly from the previous version, which results in distrust of the framework;

- A developer is limited if he/she wants to create a single-page application. There is no possibility to just drop it into your full stack or a multi-page application.


React is a JavaScript library for UI development, yet some people call it a framework. Facebook maintains React, which gives it a lot of credibility. Uber, Netflix, PayPal, and many other “giants” have preferred React, which is a happy medium for middle-size projects.

Why We Respect React

- The User doesn’t need to do a world of optimization work

-  It uses JavaScript ES6, and it’s by times easier than learning TypeScript for Angular

- React is flexible, and interacts with different libraries and projects without issue

- React is designed primarily for the creation of single-page applications, thus it is the perfect solution for this type of development work

What Irritates Us about React

- React combines JavaScript and HTML and sometimes it makes us sacrifice with some features;

- It is really challenging to master React in a short period and write a presentable code;

- With a heavy heart, we have to admit - React doesn’t bring all the features Angular provides. For example, you have to add extra routers and the form validation packages.


Vue.js is a breath of fresh air and a framework that was launched in 2014 and 2016. 

It is used for the creation of interactive interfaces. To imagine how it works, let’s picture that Vue.js is an extramarital child of Angular and React (a good deal of brilliant ideas from these two projects were successfully realized in Vue.js). The framework has been chosen by Alibaba, Nintendo, Expedia, and multiple other small projects.

Why We Respect Vue.js

 - JavaScript code, templates, and CSS code are not mixed as they are in React;

- It is possible to use ES5, ES6, as well as TypeScript (yet it can be harder to set up);

- As with React, Vue quite easily interacts with other libraries or even projects;

- Vue’s documentation is quite comprehensible and well-structured. This makes it easy to get started.

What Irritates Us about Vue.js

- Vue.js is at a disadvantage to Angular considering the modular concept (e.g., there is dependency injection);

- It’s relatively new and doesn’t have endorsement compared to Angular (backed by Google) and React (backed by Facebook).


So what should you choose? To tell the truth, all three options discussed here are quite beneficial. Nevertheless, it’s really hard to point out the best one. Just consider all the pros and cons and go with your gut.

Your solution is Angular if you:

- Like TypeScript;

- Like object-oriented-programing (OOP);

- Want to create a scalable app;

- Would like to engage many developers in the project;

- Work with designers and need clean HTML.

Your solution is React if you:

- Need flexibility

- Prefer big ecosystems

- Do not want to bother with choosing among various packages

- Are fond of JS

- Work with a medium-sized team, but it might grow

- Like Vue.js but its ecosystem is too limited for your project.

Your solution is Vue.js if you:

- Are a fan of a clean code;

- Are looking for the simplest learning curve;

- Need a lightweight framework;

- Work alone or with a small team;

- Need clean HTML files.

If you still can’t make up your mind, try them all out! Only you can know better than anyone else what your project needs.

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