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BlogUPDATED ON July 20, 2020

Your Angular Experts in Munich and Beyond

Krusche & Company are a Munich-based IT services and consulting company with a depth of experience in Angular development and a notable portfolio of projects across the framework’s main iterations from 2 to 7. Our client base fans out across Europe from our Munich and Germany epicentre to include well-known brands, established SMEs and exciting start-ups. Our Angular experts come packaged to request as either a dedicated team to take on the full span of a project or team extension that offers in-house developers welcome reinforcement.

The efficiency of K&C developers within the context of your Angular needs, or other tech stacks for that matter from cloud architecture and integration to front and backend application development using all popular frameworks, is founded on three pillars:


1)     German management and attention to detail in processes and product.

2)     Nearshore price point.

3)     Frightening tech skills meticulously curated.


Our work across a wide selection of Angular-based and incorporated applications mean our experts have seen and figured out most of the framework’s commonly encountered challenges and many more specific scenarios. Being able to take advantage of that accumulated knowledge and experience has significant cost and performance benefits for your applications.

At K&C, our developers have a bit of a love-in with Angular. And it’s not just us. Since its 2016 release, the popular framework, in its roughly compatible 2 through 7 iterations, has quickly become one of the most popular MVC (Model–view–controller) pattern frameworks for the development of front end software and web applications.

MVC allows for faster development, multiple views of an application, isolated modifications, data returned without formatting and is SEO friendly, to name just some of the most influential reasons for its popularity.

The core strength of Angular 2 to 7 is that having been rewritten from scratch to replace AngularJS, the framework has been tailor made for the demands and requirements of modern web applications. Not the web of 2014 or even 2016 (except for Angular 2 of course!). But the web of 2018/19.

Angular is maintained and updated by none other than Google and a particularly dedicated community of individuals and corporations. The result of this is applications built on Angular framework can be considered future-proofed. The enthusiastic talent and tech influencers behind the framework are hell-bent on making Angular THE most dynamic open-source front end and web development framework.

Angular Developers in Munich

The combination between Angular and TypeScript and JavaScript (ECMAScript 6) also means the framework is very accessible, providing a further boost to its popularity. Of course, Angular is not the only MVC framework available to you and ReactJS and Vue.js. also have their attractions. At K&C we use all three but as an overview as to why Angular is so rapidly gaining market share:

ReactJS lacks the same level of documentation the Angular community ensures, it’s ‘unopinionated’, which can lead developers into a maze of choices, slowing things down and it generally takes a lot longer for experts to master. This can represent a bottleneck if in-house development resource is not fully up to speed.

Vue.js., the smallest of the three main MVC frameworks by market share, lacks a strong knowledge sharing community, still has holes in supporting documentation in English and ‘over flexibility’ can make the integration of Vue.js. applications into larger projects tricky. On the plus side, the simple, light structure of Vue.js. means is fast and flexible. This translates into the framework representing a strong choice for sophisticated single-page applications as well as scalable to complex web-interfaces.

In comparison, the only real blip our expert developers find with Angular is occasional migration issues between the original AngularJS and the newer iterations of 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. That being said, for experienced developers familiar with the frameworks, there should be no material difference in which framework has been chosen.

So whether you are still exploring the optimal choice or blend of MVC frameworks for your application or have already decided it is an Angular resource that you need, we’ll be delighted to hear from you. If you still have any unanswered questions around how to best approach your application work, we can help you sift through the details and considerations. And we can give you a strong preliminary overview of the kind of costs, timeframes and other variables our Angular and other specialists assess as the foundation of your application planning.

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