Angular 6 vs Ember 3

Angular 6 vs Ember 3

How Do The Latest Versions of Angular (6) and Ember (3) Shape Up Against Each Other?

So many things had changed since the early days of the web when websites were not so complicated, and all the heavy lifting was done on the server side where the user would send a single request to the server. The client side of the application was a light-weight veneer of HTML, request headers, cookies, and query parameters.

This all changed around 7-10 years ago when websites started to be complex and look like the advanced “desktop applications.” JavaScript is what made all the difference. Having improved the technological subset, it has helped to revolutionize the Internet browsing experience dramatically.

The “armory” that made that happen is JS frameworks, such as Angular and… React! Just joking. Today, we’ll compare Angular 6 with the last version of Ember (3.0) to get to know what framework is better when we create an application.

Brief overview of Angular 6 vs Ember 3


Much was said about Angular 2+. At K&C, Angular development is one of our most popular services. But just to remember, let’s mention some general facts about it:

  • Angular is a client-side open-source JS framework based on TypeScript that helps to develop heavy single-page applications.
  • It puts emphasis on developing and running applications quickly and smoothly.
  • It’s syntactically simple due to JavaScript objects for models being used.
  • Gives you neat features like directives, when you want to make your HTML more declarative.
  • Crunchbase, Pinterest, PayPal, VEVO, and IStockPhoto have already prefered Angular to other frameworks.

Here are some of the technical differences between Angular and Ember. Angular uses:

  • Dependency Injection (DI);
  • Software design pattern;
  • DOM-based templating with directives;
  • It is syntactically simpler


Ember.js is a full-featured open source framework based on MVVM pattern with lightweight sensibilities like in Backbone.js or Ruby on Rails, combining the best concepts from the different frameworks. Ember.js is a part of a complete front-end stack, which comprises Ember CLI, Ember Data, Ember Inspector, Fastboot, and Liquid Fire. This allows developers to create beautifully rendered, dynamic SPAs.

The philosophy of the Ember framework is built around V (client side) in Model-View-Controller model and the ‘stability without stagnation’ principle; which was proved in the Ember’s last version, where some of the removed features can still be used.

Various well-known websites and apps (desktop, as well as mobile), were built on Ember. They are Discourse, Groupon, LinkedIn, Vine, Live Nation, Nordstrom,, Chipotle, Apple Music, and iTunes. At this, Ember is being supported not by a single company (as it’s with Angular and React), yet by a few, among them are Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Addepar, and Bustle.

Which Framework Is Better? Does Either Angular 6 or Ember 3 Have A Clear Advantage?

To understand the most favourable framework, we suggest looking at some key moments that define almost any technology.


The community is of importance while choosing a framework. The more significant community you have, more answers to questions, third-party modules, tutorials on YouTube, etc. you’ll get. We conducted a kind of research and here is what we have discovered. In this battle, an unconditional champion is Angular. Just let’s look at stars on Github.

Angular 6


Ember 3

It’s strange but, according to the number of contributors, Ember leaves Angular behind:

  • Ember – 663 contributors
  • Angular – 730 contributors

Another very bright figures can be found in Google Trends if to compare both frameworks. From the illustration below, it’s seen that even though Angular (a blue line) and Ember (a red line) were neck and neck for most of the year, March of 2018 has become a landmark, and Angular 6 greatly surpassed Ember 3.

Angular 6 vs Ember 3 in Google Trends

Another popular website Youtube will also help us to shed some light on the involvement of the community regarding these frameworks if to just type their names in the search box.

Angular 6 vs Ember 3 Youtube search trends


Angular and Ember Youtube search trend

If to address to Stackoverflow website, we will find out that the quantity of queries is higher for Angular than Ember as well.

Amber 6 vs Ember 3 stockoverflow query numbers

At this, Ember can compete with Angular if only examined as a whole stack.

Ember 3 Competes with Angular 6 as a whole stack

Framework Size

Page load time is a critical factor for website success. Users do not have patience, so you should try to speed up the download as much as possible. Two factors affect this: the size of the framework and the time it takes to run.

We will compare the minor versions in the gzip file. But it’s not enough to compare the sizes of the frameworks themselves. They should go with their dependencies’ sizes.

Angular 6 vs Ember 3 framework size

And right now, we’re going to shed thу light on some pros and cons of both technologies.

Angular 6 vs Ember 3 pros and cons


Both frameworks offer great tools to accomplish specific tasks in web or mobile development, and they are similar in their purpose. They share the same features like modular code, two-way data binding, DOM manipulation and other benefits, but theн differ in their approaches.

If you like TypeScript, want to develop large apps, and are okay with learning proprietary directives and other Angular concepts, then – Angular is your choice.

Strongly consider Ember if you are not so much interested in learning the latest technologies; you just need something at the moment that is proven and reliable to save time and avoid possible problems, then – Ember.js is here at your disposal.

Now, you are fully armed with the information on these two frameworks. So which should you pick? Get into the technical side of the project, understand the complexity of your application, check the amount of time that you have and choose the right option. And we will help you at every stage of your project. And may the clean code follow you forever!

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