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Agile + DevOps Transformation – What Does It Achieve?

Agile is defined as “a group of software development methodologies based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams”.

DevOps is defined as a set of best practices that combine software development and IT operations – essentially, a collaboration between cross-functional teams.

Both Agile and DevOps aim to shorten the development cycle and provide continuous delivery resulting in high software quality.

Those Agile and DevOps definitions, highlight why the two ‘methodologies’ or ‘sets of best practises, in software development naturally compliment each other. They both have efficient use of resources and end-product quality as their raison d’être and also both have an iterative approach to the software development and release cycle at their core.

In this article, we’ll examine how organisations and teams that have introduced a combined Agile and DevOps culture benefit from the pairing.

Which Problems Do Agile + DevOps Actually Solve?

The Agile methodology has, at least in theory if not always optimally applied in practice, become the software development industry’s standard.

Agile allows customer or stakeholder interaction at each iteration of a new software product before the final product is complete. This goes a long way towards avoiding the risk of ‘white elephant’ applications and systems – software that turns out to not be fit for purpose after being fully developed. The Agile methodology can be adapted to projects of all levels of complexity. In many ways, DevOps can be considered as an extension of the Agile approach. A well-implemented Agile methodology improves the speed and quality of software development releases. DevOps extends that to deployment and maintenance, bridging any organisational gaps in the value chain.

Agile software development requires knowledgeable and analytically competent developers. It may be a new principle for some managers. To ensure success, you need a stable foundation for an Agile transformation. Those who are not conversant with how Agile works may have difficulties. Luckily, all members can be trained to make sure everyone has the same understanding of the development process. Thus creating a balance between innovation and productivity.

Agile and DevOps Transformation Training

Some project managers apply for a two-day training program to get acquainted with how Agile works. Another option for project managers is to hire a DevOps Agile coach who can analyze the problem and find a fitting solution. However, the client will have to implement changes without the coach. Doing so may leave gaps in the technical environment to execute Agile software development. Modern Agile doesn’t work without continuous integration and continuous delivery or CI/CD and engineering practices. Instead of getting an Agile coach, there is a better alternative. We offer you our Unique Selling Point (USP) as a way to overcome the challenges with a lack of expertise in Agile development. Our certified professionals can train your entire team.

Agile is all about collaboration. Some team members teach and give advice while others work on the practical aspects. Our company can teach, advise, and assist with implementation. We can also train teams on implementation principles used in Agile development. We use DevOps for implementation as this is an effective solution that helps easily solve any issues during development, providing team growth.

DevOps teams and consultants

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Our Approach to Agile and DevOps Consulting & Training

A successful DevOps transformation starts with improving agility among the entire development team. Planning ahead for this is imperative in the earlier phases. We don’t only teach but have amassed a lot of experience in DevOps over the years. So we have all the skills required to train a team. Learning with us is enjoyable since a lot of emphasis is placed on the hands-on learning experience. We use several proven approaches to Agile and DevOps when training teams.

1. Management Team Training

The K&C team will train your entire management in Agile and DevOps implementation. Training is provided throughout your software development life cycle. Working with us is more like a mentorship:

  • Clients may ask for training to improve a specific skill.
  • Acquiring skills is not enough as more significant cultural practices can impede success.
  • Our team tries to get to the root of the problem to address any working traditions that may disrupt collaboration.
  • We do this through workshops and simulations.

2. Goal-oriented Transformation

We provide training aligned with your organizational design and needs. So before working with a team, we create a strategy that will provide effective skills for a specific business. Our training is directed towards your goals and visions. That way you will be able to implement an Agile transformation that is suited for your business. Emphasis is placed not only on theory but on real-world challenges a team may encounter.

3. Work with the Team

Training is done by experienced practitioners who have a clear understanding of the working environment. They know just how complex Agile and DevOps practices can be. It is an interactive training that focuses on team collaboration. We show teams how they can combine their skills to achieve satisfying results.

4. Tech Process Implementation

Once your team is equipped with the Agile and DevOps basics, we will provide the principles for implementation. Get acquainted with how to integrate corporate realities in the Agile model. We give tips and teach useful approaches that will kick-start your DevOps transformation. We help to learn how to incorporate various technologies into development and deployment.

5. Support Throughout the Transformation Process

Our goal is not just to train and leave you halfway. We teach principles and concepts that will carry you from development to implementation and deployment. Our mentors are ready to train your team at each level of DevOps transformation. The wide range of support that we offer will get your whole team on board and ready to deliver amazing projects.

Benefits of DevOps Agile Training

Agile methods are usually more effective than traditional ones. By combining our Agile and DevOps consulting services clients can:

  • Reduce costs on training
  • Gain access to consultations
  • Access practical introductions to basic notions
  • Learn collaborative practices to foster transformation
  • Avoid spending ineffective time on training
  • It is convenient for team members
  • Training through workshops and simulations

Our goal is not to just teach you agile software development. We practice it, giving you all the right tools needed to implement agile development!

Our Agile frameworks

We focus on the following Agile software development frameworks:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Scaled solutions

These include the LeSS, SAFe, and In-house solutions.

Our team will help you get started on implementing the basic framework for Scrum and Kanban. We will further provide advice on choosing the right framework and strategy for Agile implementation.

DevOps solutions that we use in training include:

  • Kubernetes — it allows you to manage all containers in a multi-cluster infrastructure.
  • Docker — an awesome platform revolutionized by cloud infrastructure.
  • Git — it provides source code management.
  • Gradle — it helps you design and build applications.
  • Jenkins — DevOps automation for CI/CD.
  • Ansible — the configuration management tool that allows automation of infrastructure management.
  • Hashicorp Consult — it offers security within your container platform.
  • Prometheus — it monitors infrastructure for errors and security threats.

Our Experience

We have worked with many teams over the years. So you will be in safe hands where you’ll improve performance levels from team members. Interactive and collaborative training also results in motivated developers. Motivation pushes them to greater heights and it also means that projects will be completed in less time!

What We Offer

At K&C, we offer integrated experience in Agile & DevOps training, coaching, and engineering practices. Our expertise will allow the client to reduce costs and achieve results within a shorter time frame.

Our DevOps solutions facilitate internal approvals, removing the need to contact the contractor at each phase of development. We also assist companies struggling with understaffed development teams through our QA Consulting services. We offer you regular training. You can also opt for certified training with the best trainers in the game.

Final Thoughts

Agile and DevOps implementation is crucial in development. Getting a professional to train and work with your team is a step in the right direction. Training your team reduces costs and improves collaborative efforts on projects.

Putting all team members including the project manager and offering practical lessons in the basics of Agile and DevOps is our speciality. Our mentorship gives you the ability to implement both Agile and DevOps. With strategic planning, you will have skilled developers working on your team.

Get in Touch with us to discuss the specifics and get to the next level!

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