Agile and DevOps are Key Drivers of Digital Transformation

Agile and DevOps are Key Drivers of Digital Transformation

Recent studies conducted by CA Technologies state that Agile and DevOps practices are crucial for a successful digital transformation process. Sixty-seven percent of respondents (from 695 European IT executives) confirmed that agile processes ensure better customer service, while companies that use DevOps experienced 38% growth of their business due to new revenue streams. Agile and DevOps significantly reduce the time required to develop and launch new products and the decision-making time required for new openings. They increase the productivity of a team and its performance. 

In case the terms Agile and DevOps are new to you, let’s take a moment to define them. 

Agile is a methodology used to manage IT development projects and teams that suggests completing the project in multiple small portions instead of delivering the whole chunk of work at once. Agile is based on several main principles, including:

• people and interactions over processes and tools

• collaboration over negotiation

• responding to changes over following the plan

DevOps is another model used for the IT development process, which combines development and operations teams together to deliver applications and services at a higher speed than when they work apart. DevOps helps a team to deploy software more often while maintaining service stability and the speed required for more innovation.

Why are these two models so essential for a successful digital transformation?


As previously mentioned, Agile and DevOps significantly reduce the time spent on development. When teams are working together more closely, they react quicker to a fast-paced development process. Bugs are found and fixed almost instantly, and changes are made within a matter of days.


Time is money, and, by saving one, you save the other. Agile and DevOps will save valuable development hours, which will not only positively impact the budget but also transform your company faster. This will help you surpass your competitors.


Agile and DevOps require a frequent presence of the client in the development process. You will be taking part in decision-making, communicate with the team and see for yourself how the digital transformation works. Together with the team, you will fine-tune just the right processes and transform your company faster and more efficiently.

Krusche & Company can help big and small businesses to transform digitally. Companies such as Informa, Bosch Mobility Media and Medneo have already trusted us with this process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about digital transformation or related IT issues. We will be more than eager to help.

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