Advanced Technologies for Marketing Automation

Advanced Technologies for Marketing Automation

As a marketer or even business owner, you’ve probably faced inflated expectations and multiple goals you expect to achieve in a short period of time. And yoг have certainly had a feeling of incredible pressure as time goes by, and you’ve had just one quality lead for a couple of months.

The problem resides in the approach. Let me guess what you did. I’m sure that on your checklist, you have phone sales. Direct mailing was also used. And, as can be expected, the cherry on the top is advertisement in mass media. All of these are called outbound marketing and… it doesn’t work anymore.

Instead, marketers now do their best to rebuild the way their enterprise functions in alignment with inbound marketing. This is a relatively new approach in the marketing world. Its essence lies in being found by customers. The channels for the inbound marketing include blogs, SEO, contextual search advertising, and social media. As you might notice, all these function in a digital landscape.

However, if you still type every email to each customer manually in the age of digitalization and then just let the grass grow under your feet, you lose. The key to successful business digitalization lies in marketing automation technologies. They help you stay afloat in the current fast-paced business environment and have demonstrated an excellent track record of success.

The K&C team knows everything about this! Let’s find out together whether you really need marketing automation.

And if you have no time at the moment not even enough to read through this article, then we advise you to speak to K&C specialists who are ready to get to work right now.

What is Marketing Automation?

Without a doubt, you’ve heard this phrase and even have some thoughts regarding what it means and how it’s used. So let’s find out what it’s all about!

Marketing automation (MA) is a set of approaches that help us rationalize, systematize, automate, and assess marketing assignments and efforts, so they can enhance overall performance and increase revenue faster.

Marketing automation can be implemented by B2B as well as B2C organizations. It usually consists of three main components:

-Marketing database: This is where the information about all your customers (behavior and interactions) is saved.

-Engagement marketing engine: The set of conditions managing the creation, administration, and automation of marketing processes online or offline.

-Analytics engine. With the help of this, you can estimate, change, and thus refine marketing ROI and boost your revenue. This engine points out efficient methods and guards against wasted effort.

Main Features of Marketing Automation

What Marketing Automation Does

As you might have guessed, the marketing automation approach is beneficial, first of all, because it is time-saving and efficient. This is due to its functionality.

For B2B organizations:

-Nurturing relationships with possible leads

-Scoring leads

-Administering lead lifecycle

For B2C organizations:



-Customer retention

Without marketing automation, you are just guessing – just hoping that people will take the bait and be ready to buy your products. Statistics show that buyers don’t do that. They want to learn at their own pace and be reached when they need more information or are ready to buy. A well-constructed marketing automation strategy makes that a reality.”

– John McTigue

(The MarTech Whisperer, Kuno Creative)

What Businesses Implement Marketing Automation?

It may seem that only large companies have the resources to use a marketing automation approach. However, this is not true. A growing number of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) digitize their workflow as much as possible. The same is true across industries.

There is no single place where marketing automation can be applied. In the recent past, the main industries using marketing automation included:



-Business services

However, today, the list could also include:



-Financial services


Tip: If your business area is too specific to deal with it on your own, refer to the K&C team, who will find leading experts in your field.

Why Is Marketing Automation So Popular Right Now?

The many advantages of using marketing automation have made it very popular nowadays.

1.It lets you do a whole lot more in the environment of digitalization. In other words, more leads, better income, successful deals.

2.You can manage even more marketing campaigns using diversified programs depending on the campaign’s type.

3.Now you’re able to avoid a leaky sales funnel, providing enough of attention for every lead.

4.This allows you collect only quality leads. With marketing automation, you can forget about inappropriate candidates that you cannot convert into sales.

5.You can find out the return on investment (ROI) at any time, tracking the best performing channel and deciding which ones should be excluded.

Marketing automation allows you to do routine tasks – yet in a more effective way!

Future of Marketing Automation

Nowadays, almost all big companies choose marketing automation as the most efficient approach for their marketing processes. And this tendency is relevant not only for marketing departments but for other business processes as well.

Why You Need Marketing Automation



of companies have already successfully applied MA


of the biggest SaaS companies included MA



Enhance income


Gain more insight

Marketing Automation from K&C

The K&C team provides development services for organizations of any size. One of its benefits is deep knowledge of the marketing automation approach, as well as extensive experience in this field. Applying email marketing, content personalization, analytical services, etc. in digital, social, mobile and offline channels, we help our clients tackle various marketing challenges and improve business processes in general.

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